Auckland retirement villages bursting at the seams

Auckland's running out of room in its retirement villages, as the aging population leads to more and more demand.

Bev and Rob Bersma made the move to Possum Bourne Retirement Village for each other knowing they'd be cared for if the other passed away.

"He was extremely emotional the night we moved in, with his hankerchief out, saying, 'I've really realised we've made the right move'," Mrs Bersma told Newshub.

But a spot like this isn't easy to come by, with more than 200 names on the waiting list.

The Commission for Financial Capability helps Kiwis plan for a happy retirement but they say there aren't enough places to go around.

Without more development in the works, the shortage could get worse. New Zealand's changing population means demand for retirement living is set to boom in the years ahead.

At the last census in 2013, just 6 percent of the population was aged 75 or above. By 2043 that number will balloon 14 percent of the country  an extra 500,000 people.

Only some of those will choose retirement villages but for those who do, the best advice is 'be prepared'.

Troy Churton, retirement villages national manager, says "don't rush simply because you think you might not get a unit".

"The nature of a retirement village community is that people come, people go. Eventually a place will come up."