Auckland's Longroom Bar bans under-22s

A Ponsonby bar has made the controversial call putting in place a guideline for patrons to be at least 22 years old.

Co-owner Richard Bagnall told AUT student magazine Te Waha Nui the decision had been made in order to protect the bar's liquor licence, which was being threatened by drunk 18-20 year olds entering the bar.

An R22 sign has been posted on the bar's front door.

In a statement, Mr Bagnall says the move is an attempt to "maintain a customer experience that appeals to our more mature clientele".

"Whilst we do not discriminate on age, we do have a set of guidelines to ensure that Longroom remains a positive environment for our core customer base who are generally over 25."

Mr Bagnall says while there will always be exceptions, the behaviour of those under 22 typically "does not fit" with the bar's culture or brand. 

Some have voiced their unhappiness with the decision online. Natalie Hess posted on Longroom's Facebook page, saying she was "pretty disappointed" to hear about the age restriction.

"I would be pretty upset if I got turned away from this bar since it's the only bar in Auckland I like to visit as it has a decent smoking area and the vibe is always good with lots of people from different age."

Auckland's Longroom Bar bans under-22s

However Mr Bagnall said the new age limit was going to be loosely enforced and they would try not to ruin a group's night if only one person could not enter the club.

"If you were with a group of friends who are 23, and you are 21, we wouldn't turn you away."