Cheese rolls, gumboots stolen in Otago robbery


Police in Otago are hunting for a thief who dared to pry away a part of a southern man's identity on Saturday night.

It's estimated hundreds of dollars of home kill meat, dozens of cheese rolls, a Swanndri and a pair of gumboots were stolen in the town of Clydevale.

According to Fairfax, as many as five dozen cheese rolls were looted.

Police say a range of wet weather gear was also taken, including the distinctive Skellerup gumboots, a staple of any southern man's footwear arsenal.

While no one was harmed in the thefts, police are urging anyone with information to contact their nearest police station, or they can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, so the cheese rolls can be returned to their rightful owner.