Customer shocked by 'black lady' scrawled on her receipt

  • 03/04/2017

A customer at a café in St Heliers, east Auckland, says she was shocked to find 'black lady' scrawled across her receipt after buying drinks.

Matilda Kahotea-Panapa posted an image of the receipt on Facebook and said "a beautiful young Māori girl I know went to Cyprus [sic] cafe in St Heliers last week and this is how they labelled her receipt."

"No label on her friends drink and her friends food was delivered to him at the table they were both sitting at, mean while she had to go to the counter to collect her drink (sic)," Ms Kahotea-Panapa wrote.

Ms Kahotea-Panapa said the incident was an example of "RACISM, alive and well in the suburbs."

The woman who received the receipt told NZME she wanted to stay anonymous, and says she left the café without confronting the staff as she felt uncomfortable.

NZME approached the café owner Don Choa who denied that the incident took place and told the reporter "check the background of this black woman".

He also said that the complainant is "a very ugly woman, I think" and "a very bad woman".