Cyclone Cook triggers asbestos warning


An asbestos warning has gone out to property owners cleaning up after Cyclone Cook.

Wide-spread flooding caused damage to homes across the country which has raised concerns about the safety of some homes.

New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association (NZDAA) secretary Terry Coleman says damage causing by flooding and strong winds could have inadvertently disturbed or exposed asbestos containing materials and is not the first time the issue has been raised.

"My concerns are similar to the concerns that Australia is already facing after Cyclones there," he says.

"The cyclones have seriously impacted the building structure of the older houses and spread asbestos-contaminated material across the site."

He also warns that if people are concerned about anything in their homes, they shouldn't go near it.

"If you see something that you think may be an asbestos-linked product don't touch it, leave it for the professionals."

Asbestos was used in some building materials found in many properties, built before to 2000.


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