Daylight saving ends, clocks go back one hour

  • 01/04/2017
Daylight saving ends, clocks go back one hour

New Zealanders who were robbed of an hour of sleep last September can now get it back when daylight saving ends on Sunday morning.

Clocks will officially go back to 2am at 3am on Sunday.

Internal Affairs says the end of daylight saving is an opportune time for people to check their household emergency plans and survival items, and smoke alarms.

Others are also taking a safety focus, with tsunami sirens being tested in Auckland, Christchurch and Napier. That won't be at 2am but closer to midday.

The test will involve three sets of tones, each indicating a specific action. Each set will sound for one minute, with 15 seconds between each set.

Daylight saving returns on September 24.