Drone reveals charred remains of Christchurch Adventure Park

Video released by the Christchurch City Council shows the charred remains of the Christchurch Adventure Park. 

In the video, the park is riddled with bare black tree stumps and ash covered tracks after the fires.

It has been more than eight weeks after the Port Hills fire and geotechnical engineers have now declared the area safe to access, allowing a full assessment to begin for park owners.

"We haven't been able to do a full check of the chairlift yet because of the concern about the rock fall risk but we've now got the all clear," spokeswoman Anne Newman says.

"[That] means we can go in and assess the damage and work out what has to be done to get it working again.''

The area near the top of the chairlift was badly damaged in the fire, sparking an evacuation of the park.

"There's still a lot we don't know but we are working with the land owner and their insurer to get the assessments done as soon as possible so we can then focus on what needs to be done to get the park re-opened," Ms Newman said.

More than $1 million of refunds will be given to those holding certain passes to the park, which only opened two months before the devastating fire.