Erin Brockovich slams Christchurch rebuild

A world famous legal clerk is visiting Christchurch and she says she's disappointed to see landmarks like the cathedral still in ruins.

Erin Brockovich shot to fame in the United States when she successfully sued the Pacific Gas and Electric company of California for contaminating drinking water.

A movie about the case featuring Julia Roberts cemented Ms Brockovich as a household name.

"Looking out of my hotel window and I'm like, 'Are you just going to leave that building like that?' and I was actually kind of shocked," Ms Brockovich says.

She also visited earthquake-affected homeowners who had her attention.

Ian and Marama Malzard are still waiting for repairs to their Saint Albans home.

"My wife and I have been sleeping in the lounge because we are too scared to sleep in the bedroom for the way of the house," says Mr Malzard.

Ms Brockovich says she could feel their frustration after listening to the Malzards' story.

"It's been an ongoing battle for them for six years. It's gone on way too long and they needed answers yesterday."

It's advice the Malzards say they're taking to heart.

"It's soothed us down a lot to know we've had someone very popular backing us," Mr Malzard says.

Ms Brockovich is urging them not to give up and shared her experiences fighting for the underdog.