Eye spy with my little eye ... a not-so-subtle arrival


A sign-written United States Air Force aircraft has landed in Invercargill on Monday, adding to the not-so top secret meeting with the Five Eyes spy network in Queenstown.

But why is it in Invercargill?

Prime Minister Bill English couldn't confirm what the United States Air Force aircraft was doing there but confirmed the spy meeting was being held in Queenstown.

"I can't confirm who is there [in Invercargill], it was probably a more attractive destination if they want to have a good holiday," he says.

Mr English confirmed his plane will be landing in Queenstown, not the deep-deep south.


All weekend, unmarked jets have been landing in Wellington and Queenstown fuelling rumour of a secret meeting that quickly turned not so secret.

Authorities have been ramping up security in the Queenstown area for what police have called 'Operation Silver Fern.'

On Sunday spy bosses flew into the southern tourist hotspot, including FBI director James Comey and CIA director Mike Pompeo.