'Get away from our sign - you pansy': Bar cops backlash for vegan insult


A Christchurch bar and grill has publicly apologised after its street blackboard sparked outrage for its dig at vegan customers.

"Vegan Buffet," the sign said followed by, "Just kidding now get away from our sign - you pansy."

That sign led to a number of complaints to their Facebook page.

" Extremely rude when I asked if they had anything vegetarian, they gestured to what is quite possibly the most plain salad I have ever seen. I asked if there was anything else and they scoffed at me," one person said.

"[It] didn't help that there was a particularly hostile and frankly childish sign out front."


"Yeah definitely not supporting your cafe anymore," another said.

The bar have been quick to apologise, saying in a Facebook post on Tuesday they were sorry for the offence caused.

"Would like to publicly apologise for our recent sign on our board outside in regards to vegans," they said.

"We definitely did not put it out there to cause [offense] and we are sorry that this has occurred."

Others responded to the post by saying it was just tongue and cheek and the sign wouldn't stop them eating at their restaurant again.


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