Hamilton: Home to Tesla's fastest electric car charger

Tesla's latest game-changing gadget has arrived on New Zealand shores  a device that recharges its cars in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee.

The electric car company already has a reputation for speed. Its top spec model accelerates faster than any other street legal car on the planet.

Now it has the refuelling station to match.

Its newly-installed supercharger in Hamilton is the fastest electric vehicle (EV) charger in the world.

Its top spec model has a maximum range of 613km. So a full charge in Hamilton  which takes an hour and a quarter  is enough to go to Wellington or Cape Reinga.

"People coming from Wellington to Auckland will be able to stop and have a coffee, have a charge, going the other way. It's just fantastic," says Hamilton Mayor Andrew King.

The supercharger only works with Tesla cars, so owners of other electric vehicles will still have to charge up elsewhere.

But the network of chargers for EVs is growing, and Mr King says it's about time.

"It took three years when we changed from horses to vehicles, and all the horses went to the meatworks and were gone within three years.

"I believe the same thing is going to happen with electric cars, from the combustion engine to electric."



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