Is the end in sight for animal testing?

  • 26/04/2017

Last week the US Food and Drug Administration struck a deal that could mean the end of all animal testing.

They're investing in a 'chip' that could replicate human organ function in experiments. 

Anti vivisectionists say it's great news but it's a long way off and in the meantime animals are still dying. 

An average of 240 animals died every day in 2015. That's more than 88,000 for research, testing and teaching purposes. 

And that was from nearly a quarter of a million animals involved in testing throughout the country. 

Cattle, Sheep, Mice and Fish made up more than three-quarters of all the animals tested. 

Anti vivisection agency spokeswoman Tara Jackson says animal research is not only cruel, it doesn't really work.

So is there any end in sight?

Watch the video for the full interview.