Lorde reveals U2 evicted her from her New York studio

  • 13/04/2017
The highly personal interview is uncharacteristically revealing of the singer (File)

Lorde has revealed how stadium rockers U2 evicted her from her New York studio.

The Irish music giants forced her to find a new recording studio, and she came close to confronting guitarist the Edge about it in a gym, she told the New York Times.

Recording in the Greenwich Village studio daily, she played second fiddle when Bono showed up and booted her out.

The NYT said U2 had booked the space leaving Lorde to find a smaller space to finish Melodrama, due for release in June.

The highly personal interview is uncharacteristically revealing of the singer, and she takes the interviewer to her favourite diner in the city, 'Flame', in midtown Manhattan at midnight for eggs, then in a second interview to the Waverly Inn, in the plush West Village, where she worries about how such a 'fancy restaurant will come across in print', the journalist writes.

She has money now, she says, "I don’t spend it on watches or something. I spend it on food".

Revealing she wrote much of her new album at her Herne Bay home, she described the suburb as "the fancier side of Auckland's Waitemata Harbour".

She said "nobody" recognises her in New York, and said the charm of her favourite eatery is that "there's no one famous. No one cares about me".

Her high profile peaking after her debut album, she revealed she 'pulled back' from public view, and told the Times this meant much time hanging out with friends in Auckland, and a trip to a rental house on Waiheke Island.

Citing her breakup with her long-term boyfriend James Lowe as a way to access writing, she still won't divulge the reasons for the pair's split.

Ditching her musician co-writing partner from 'Pure Heroine', Joel Little, on her new album for actress and writer of 'Girls' Lena Dunham's boyfriend, and indie musician in his own right, Jack Antonoff, who she met through mutual friend Taylor Swift, changed the direction of her new album.

Telling the Times she spent months with celebrity pair Dunham and Antonoff in their Brooklyn apartment recording, where, the décor includes a framed picture of Swedish pop star Robyn.

She also revealed her penchant for "aristocracy" in the interview, "Ivy leagues and final clubs and old-money families and the concept of old money- I just find it all fascinating".