Man accused of assaulting stepdaughter's rapist denies wrongdoing

A man accused of assaulting his stepdaughter's rapist is refusing to accept what he did was wrong.

But the Crown says the rapist was left with head injuries and suffered seizures after he was attacked.

The Crown says the victim in this case, Jason Haward, suffered a minor head injury, a loose tooth and had seizures as a result of the assault.

The Defence says those injuries could have come from an earlier fight with the defendant - not the one he is on trial for.

The defendant can't be named to protect the identity of his stepdaughter who was raped.

He says only one or two punches connected and he won't accept what he did was wrong for one split second.

The assault victim is now serving a seven-and-half-year jail sentence for rape. The defendant says he never intended to fight him but events escalated when Mr Haward started calling his stepdaughter a slut - two days after he raped her.

The judge will sum up the case on Monday morning and send the jury out to deliberate.