Meet Jack Driver, the Waikato cop who's a hit on Facebook

A Waikato police officer is stirring things up on social media, clocking up thousands of views as he goes live on Facebook at work.

It began a week ago, with Constable Jack Driver "giving it a go" for the first time. That Facebook Live has now been viewed nearly 17,000 times.

A series of Facebook Lives have been done since then, featuring the chatty officer talking through his shift at work, and giving "shout outs" to the viewers who are posting comments.

But his colleagues aren't as into it, with Monday morning's video featuring an officer named Ricardo who wanted to stay off camera.

He addresses the "haters" in his second Facebook Live, but says that most of the comments are positive and friendly.

"It does bring a bit of a tear to my eye when I see FTP," he says in the video.

The videos are used to provide updates about what police are doing in the community, and what they need help with.

However there are some concerns about people's comments on the Facebook page, which are monitored by admins.

People can't swear on the police page or write abusive comments.  

They also use the Facebook Live to promote events including 'coffee with a cop', where any member of the community can turn up to talk to officers.

Videos include "Night shift time!", "Let's get serious" and "On the beat with Ricardo".