Mt Eden shines in ad for revamped Google Earth

  • 20/04/2017

Auckland's Mt Eden features amongst some of the world's most wild, beautiful and remote places in an ad for the revamped Google Earth.

The internet and tech giant has released its latest version of the software, which allows users to take detailed 3D tours of the world's greatest landmarks, cities and environments.

Mt Eden is seen from above in lush green, surrounded by housing and dotted with trees.

Auckland is one of only three cities to feature in the video, alongside Tokyo and New York City.

A new feature is Voyager, where Google has teamed up with the likes of BBC Earth, NASA and the Jane Goodall Institute to add videos, photos and stories to particular locations.

It also has an 'I'm feeling lucky' function, similar to the Google search option, which takes users to a random place in the world.