New Zealand's best April Fools' Day jokes

It's April Fools' Day, and you can't believe everything you read.

Newshub has collected the best jokes from around New Zealand.


KFC kicked the day off by announcing a new product - 'KFC Sushi'.

Commenters were enthusiastic at the thought.

"Excuse you that looks really tasty," Rosie W said on Twitter.

"I seriously wish this wasn't April Fools cause I really really want that," Nick Brown said.

PB Tech

PB Tech was selling off the new 'jPhone 9'.

PB Tech's 'jPhone'
PB Tech's 'jPhone'

The new technology included a "rugged, durable design", which was "drop-proof, shock-proof, water-proof, dust-proof".

The device featured "no ports" and "unlimited battery life".

The jPhone cost $888.

"It's just a rock," PB Tech said.

Mike Pero

Businessman Mike Pero said he had approval through a "special resource consent process" to merge Christchurch Airport with a new Motorsport Complex.

"This is the ultimate for motorsport enthusiasts and for the airline industry," he said.

"The motor circuit will also be world-class, and while the circuit design is yet to be finalised, it will incorporate the airport runway as the main straight. Car speeds will be up to 350km/h."

Mr Pero said it was possible the runway and the motor circuit could work well together, with all drivers being briefed beforehand by both the chief motorsport steward for the racing and also by the chief air traffic controller.

"Airline safety authorities advise that both major airlines now have aircraft fitted with M-SCAR [Motor Sport Collision Avoidance Radar], which will prevent a plane descending below Minimum Decision Altitude [MDA] if a race car is on the runway section at the estimated landing time," Mr Pero said.

New World

New World came up with a way to help vertically challenged customers.

"We're stoked to announce a world-first. All New World stores will soon have in-aisle trampolines, allowing our shorter customers to grab those top-shelf items with ease!" it said on Facebook.

Trade Me

Trade Me modernised the auction with a new product - Shake Me.

"If there are two or more bidders on an auction in its final two minutes, they can opt to enter 'Shake Me' mode," Trade Me said.

"Simply put, the best and most stylish shaker will win. The app uses motion capture technology to assess not only the frequency of the shaking but different shake styles to create a score. The highest score wins!"

SkyCity Auckland

SkyCity revealed plans for a second, replica Sky Tower, right next to the current one. It asked Facebook users for suggestions as to what to put inside the new tower.

"With a tightrope connecting the two, I hear. (And no safety lines or nets - taking extreme sports over-the-top. Move over, Rotovegas!)" suggested commenter Clare Scott.