NZ testicular cancer campaign encourages going 'balls out'

  • 03/04/2017

A cancer campaign is asking the public to "go balls out" and create cock and ball maps across the New Zealand landscape.

Testicular Cancer NZ is raising awareness this month for the disease, which kills more young Kiwi men than any other cancer.

But if it's caught early, it has one of the highest rates of cure of all cancers.

Testicular Cancer NZ has also released a video to help people spot the signs of the cancer.

Balls out in Wellington (supplied)
Balls out in Wellington (supplied)
Balls out in Hamilton (supplied)
Balls out in Hamilton (supplied)

How to take part in the balls out campaign:

1.       Use an exercise app such as MapMyWalk, Strava or Runtastic.

2.       Pick an area and create your masterpeiece

3.       Share a screenshot with the hashtag #goballsout and tag

4.       Tag your friends and encourage them to make their own.

Hot tips:

-        Wide open places like parks or sports fields are perfect

-        Look closely at streets on Google Maps for a hidden formation

-        To get really creative, go balls out in the water

People have already been getting into the spirit of the campaign.