Paralympian Mary Fisher smashes shearing record at Royal Easter Show

Paralympic gold medallist and world record holder Mary Fisher has smashed another record on Monday, only this one involved sheep shearing.

It was part of the annual Royal Easter Show, which for more than 100 years has been keeping Aucklanders in touch with the country.

But on Monday, it wasn't all fun and games. Fisher said New Zealand's pride was at stake.

Fisher, who's blind, managed to break an unofficial world record with a bloke named Digger for shearing a sheep using only peddle power.

"That's how they used to do it in the old days and they still do it in some countries where they don't have power," Digger said.

If you think this competition is a bunch of kidding around, it's not; it's serious business.

When Fisher beat the current 29-second record, she not only raised money for Paralympics New Zealand, but a sheep wasn't the only thing being shorn on Monday.

Novice shearer William Titford said farewell to his hair, but all for a good cause.

The Easter Show was first held in 1911, with organisers aiming to bring a taste of country to the city. Now hundreds of thousands of attendees come along each year.