Everyone accounted for in Auckland cliff collapse

  • 05/04/2017

A man in an apartment building hit by a collapsing cliff in east Auckland has described how the mud came through his home "like a train".  

The apartment block in Kohimarama was evacuated at around 8pm after the hillside crashed into the building.

Craig Jones was inside at the time and described the moment the slip hit. 

"I walked towards the front door and [it] got blown open, and mud just basically piled through right the unit and knocked me over.

"Paintings and furniture were pushed along with the mud like a train going through."

He said they scrambled to make sure other residents were safe, helped by emergency services once they arrived. 

Two residents were initially reported missing, but they have since been found. 

"At this stage we've verified that everyone is out and safe," police Inspector Kerry Watson said from the scene.

"However there's some concerns about the stability of the cliff. We're working with fire, we're looking for council geo-techs to come along and give us some reassurance.

"At this stage, we're just taking stock of the situation and just making sure no further danger remains."

Police were waiting for a geo-tech to arrive before letting people back into the building.

"We're just asking them to sit and wait for the time being," Insp Watson said.

Resident Mr Jones said that now it was a "case of wait and see in the morning". 

There were no reported injuries.