Pooches flood parks for annual Big Dog Walk With Lots of Dogs

Scroll down to see what the event was like for a dog, after Newshub mounted a 360 camera to the back of a puppy.

Big and small, thousands of paws hit the pavement on Saturday across the country for the biggest simultaneous dog walk.

Thousands flooded Auckland's Waiatarua Reserve - and you didn't even have to bring your own pooch.

It's the second year the Big Dog Walk With Lots of Dogs has been operating and this time, there were synchronised walks in Auckland, Wellington, Napier and Hamilton.

Big Dog Walk With Lots of Dogs Auckland (Newshub.)
(Breanna Barraclough / Newshub.)

Co-organiser Alice McKinley told Newshub this year's walk was a step up from last year.

"It's crazy because right on 10am, people come from everywhere - right out of the crevices of the land you didn't even know existed. It's a shame we don't have a helicopter here."

Some people travelled for hours just to get to their nearest Dog Walk, booking out pet-friendly hotels to bring their furry friends on a holiday.

The original Big Dog Walk With Lots of Dogs was a joke that quickly got out of control.

Alice Brine created the event to help sell tickets to her comedy show. Within 30 minutes, 2000 people said they were 'attending' the event on Facebook.

"I had to make a call at that point - you're either going to cancel this, or just go hard and you're going to have to do this properly - and I was so stupid and said, 'Yup let's go hard and really drive this home,'" she told Newshub last year.

Big Dog Walk With Lots of Dogs Auckland (Newshub.)
(Breanna Barraclough / Newshub.)

Ms McKinley says part of the walk's appeal is its simplicity.

"It's just a really simple idea - you're just taking your dogs for a walk. You know exactly what you're getting here."

Ms McKinley says there will "absolutely" be a Big Dog Walk 2018 - hopefully, expanding across the ditch and Cook Strait.

Big Dog Walk With Lots of Dogs Auckland (Newshub.)
(Breanna Barraclough / Newshub.)

"I'd like to take it to Australia and also the South Island," she said.

With thousands of pooches roaming across the 5km route, there was a risk for disagreements between dogs - so owners were asked to keep their dogs on-leash, and Ms McKinley says she consulted with a vet.

"They're pack animals, they love it. They're all having fun and they're going to be absolutely tuckered out after this."

And the paws were hitting the pavement for a good cause - Auckland's event was raising funds for charity Passion4Pawz, while Wellington raised money for HUHA (Helping You Help Animals); Napier, the SPCA; and Hamilton, Chained Dog.