Satellite image shows massive scale of Cyclone Debbie over NZ

(Cawthron Institute)
(Cawthron Institute)

Science organisation the Cawthron Institute has released a satellite image of Cyclone Debbie over New Zealand.

The picture shows wide cloud cover over the central North Island.

MetService said on Friday that "As you can see it doesn’t look anything like a tropical cyclone anymore

That’s because it has transformed into a completely different type of weather system. However, one characteristic of the low that remains similar to Debbie, is the very humid air that it has brought down from the tropics containing lots of moisture."

The dregs of former-cyclone Debbie are passing over from Australia, after devastating parts of Queensland.

Severe weather warnings are in place across much of the central and lower North Island, and over 400 millimetres of rain is expected overnight.