Video: Don't drink and drive a motorised picnic table

The motorised picnic table which saw a man convicted for drunk driving can now be seen in action.

Wade Bryce Bovey, 21, was fined $750 and banned from driving for six months in the Dunedin District Court this week.

He supplied footage to Newshub showing the table speeding through the streets of Dunedin, at times carrying up to five people.

Police pulled Bovey over in January as he was pushing the table up a hill, as its engine wasn't powerful enough to make it up.

They then breathalysed him and found he had a breath alcohol level of 678mcg per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400mcg.

Bovey says he wasn't driving the table at the time, he was pushing the table up the hill after going to pub with some friends.

There was a box of beer sitting on the picnic table at the time.

On an earlier occassion, police were photographed sitting at the picnic table with Bovey.

Bovey says the photo was taken a couple of weeks before he was stopped and charged.

Police have been approached for comment.