Video: New Zealand swamped as flooding takes its toll

  • 05/04/2017

New Zealand is being swamped as water levels rise around the country.

Emergency services are stretched to their limits to deal with the devastation.

Video from around New Zealand show the damage as roads disappear under water and backyards turn into lakes.

Cliffs are collapsing under the deluge in Auckland, while normally placid rivers have swollen into raging torrents.

Fifty staff from the New Zealand Defence Force have now been sent to Whanganui and Rangitikei to help out. They'll be helping to evacuate residents, fill sandbags, check on residents in flooded areas and man cordons.

In Kaikoura, there are fears the city could get cut off, with the inland road threatening to flood and SH1 to the south closed by landslips.

In south Auckland, 19,000 people were cut off from power following a massive outage.

And with heavy rain warnings in place for most of the North Island, and the Kaikōura coast until Thursday morning, there's no relief in sight.