Video of dead deer used as beer funnel sparks disgust

Warning: This article contains graphic images

A video of a man drinking a beer from the decapitated head of a deer has been condemned by the hunting community.

The video was posted to the Speight's Facebook page on Friday night with the beer maker replying "good on ya mate".

National President of the New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association Bill O'Leary says the hunters showed no respect to the dead animal.

"To me it seems ludicrous, if I thought about it for any length of time I'd probably find it quite disgusting," he says.

"It's got no cultural context at all."


Mr O'Leary says hunters should treat their kills ethically and there are many different ways of treating an animal after it is shot dead.

"Absolutely, we look on our animals as being valued," he says.

"[Some hunters] get a leaf or a bit of grass and put it in the deer's mouth, [to show] you're respectful of the animal and the animal's having its last meal.

"There's no respect in this [incident] whatsoever."

Speight's couldn't be reached for comment.