Watch: Crash after remarkable barefoot waterski trick

A skillful balancing act by a pair of barefoot waterskiers has been caught on camera - complete with a brutal face plant at the end.

Video supplied to Newshub by Luke Whyle shows him holding his friend in the air while the pair are barefoot skiing.

"So much thought went into implementing the trick, we neglected to work out how to end it," Whyle says.

Whyle and his friend Brett Anslow have spent a long time perfecting their trick, and filmed it out on the water at Atiamuri last weekend.

He says it's been a long family tradition to visit the lake front and campground at Atiamuri, about 45km north of Taupo.

His father, who has since passed away, set up a ski club with his friends when he was younger.

Both Whyle and his friend Brett Anslow have since been taught to 'foot ski' by a family friend.

Whyle says they've both emerged completely unscathed.