Which Kiwi icecreams handle the Newshub drop test?

There are few things worse in life than the horror of dropping your icecream on the ground. But sadly that's the hideous experience hundreds of thousands of Kiwis have suffered through silently all summer.

Whether we're dropping it on the beating hot sand on a beach holiday, or onto the pavement after a surprise dairy-run after school, we've all experienced the pain of a dropped icecream at some point in our lives. Sometimes the things we love most cause the most pain.

It's time to end the vicious cycle.

We put our bodies on the line for the ultimate test - just the Newshub digital staff though; the TV reporters are contractually not allowed to eat icecream.

As the last of the icecream-eating weather came to an end, we recreated the hot conditions of a New Zealand summer's day - muggy and damp - in the newsroom carpark to see which of our favourite dairy treats handled the drop test the best.

Which ones survived, and which crumbled under the pressure? Watch the video to find out.