Customers left 'devastated' after furniture chain goes into receivership

Customers are being left in the lurch after retailer PK furniture went into receivership today.

The chain has 16 stores across the North Island and almost 150 staff.

Receiver Andrew McKay says they're looking for buyers and still have many paid orders to get out.  


The receivership has left customers concerned over whether they'll receive furniture they had already purchased, with some facing the reality they may be losing thousands of dollars. 

Customer Diane Austin said she was absolutely "devastated" over losing the $5000 she and her husband had already paid. 

She and her pensioner husband paid cash for a new lounge suite in April, which they were told they would receive at the end of the month. 

After weeks of no word, during which she "gave them the benefit of the doubt" she eventually went down to the store and confronted the receiver and manager. 

"We got told there was a list and we were at the bottom of it….don't hold your breath basically."  

The couple must now break the news to those that had already bought their pre-owned furniture,  

'It's been a nightmare" Ms Austin said. 

Attempts to contact PK furniture have been so far unsuccessful, with all stores closed today for stocktake.