Dead ducks found dumped on Invercargill street

Invercargill's Vegan Society is horrified after finding dead ducks with meat cut out, strewn across one of the city's main streets.

Founder Jordan Wyatt believes the birds, killed during the duck shooting season, were thrown near the corner of Herbert St and Racecourse Rd, with one person telling him a bird had been lobbed toward a church.

One of the slaughtered ducks (Jordan Wyatt / Vegan Society)
One of the slaughtered ducks (Jordan Wyatt / Invercargill Vegan Society)

The bodies were still intact - complete with feathers - except for the breast and other cuts, which had been sliced off.

On Sunday morning, he and two others from the society picked up five ducks and buried them on Mr Wyatt's property.

invercargill duck shooting vegan society
The society is distressed by the find (Jordan Wyatt / Invercargill Vegan Society)

He says while he disagrees with the sport of duck hunting, the treatment of the animals he found was particularly heartless.

"It makes us feel like whoever did this is not taking animals very seriously or treating them with kindness; and I'm not a religious person, but to throw them at the church - I think it's quite a malicious thing to do."

The group posted photos and a video of what they found to their Facebook page, and some had suggested they may have fallen from the back of a moving vehicle.

However, Mr Wyatt says to have found the birds in three separate but nearby areas it would have been more likely they were thrown.

The birds were bundled into the back of Mr Wyatt's car and were given a burial on his property.

He didn't tell police because he wasn't sure what they could do about it.

Police have been contacted for comment.