Dunedin's Vogel Street a hotspot for dumpers

Video has emerged showing a motorist flying around a street corner in the middle of Dunedin, dumping as many as three couches on the side of the road.

CCTV footage from local business owner Nik Black shows a truck speeding around an intersection on Vogel St on Sunday afternoon with a trailer full of furniture that can be seen falling off the back.

"I heard something fall off a vehicle outside so I thought I'd go out and have a look," he says.

"I figured it just come off when [the truck] went over the speed bump and they'd be back to pick it up.

"But obviously they didn't come back."

That time only a TV cabinet fell off however the next day Mr Black arrived at work and noticed three couches on the other side of the road and decided to check his CCTV cameras to see if he could find out what happened.

The CCTV cameras show the same truck returning later that day to dump more furniture.

"It looked like a pretty deliberate act of swerving to get the furniture to fall off," he says.

"First time [I thought] it was benefit of the doubt, bit of an accident, someone's dropped something off their trailer but yeah [after] the second time, definitely not an accident."

In the video the truck makes the left-hand turn, crossing to the wrong side of the road before the couches can be seen flying off the side of the trailer leaving at least one couch in the middle of the road.

The dumped furniture has since been picked up by the council and police are investigating.

It's not the first something has been dumped outside Mr Black's APET Racing workshop, the very same CCTV camera caught a French tourist crouching down and relieving herself in the gutter before pushing her business to the side with toilet paper.

That video sparked disgust and outrage calling for the tourists to be kicked out of the country.

The French embassy also condemned the act saying tourists should respect the country they are visiting.

For Mr Black though, he thinks there is a reason people keep dumping on his door-step.

"I think they just like being on TV," he said jokingly.