Electric car fans gather to break NZ record

  • 07/05/2017
Tesla Model X 90D (Getty)
Tesla Model X 90D (Getty)

Electric car drivers on Sunday are trying to break the New Zealand record for the largest number of the cars gathered in one place.

It's part of a convey of electric cars travelling the country in a bid to raise the profile of the vehicles.

Better New Zealand Trust spokesperson James Cozens says they need more than 100 cars to turn up at Ardmore Airport.

"We're keen for any electric vehicle owner to come out to Ardmore at 10 o'clock and help us break that record."

The record attempt kicks off at 11am, and also involves a race between a Tesla and McLaren and a speech from Minister of Energy and Resources Judith Collins.

"We're trying to encourage people to keep their minds open," says Mr Cozens.

"Come along today and basically look at these electric cars, get in them, drive them, ride in them and you will realise they are right here, right now, and we are now driving the future."

Money raised will go to the Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Institute.

"The thing about electric cars is just the sheer fun of driving them," says Mr Cozens.

"People get in an electric car and think, 'Hey, this is just like a real car.' Oh no, it's not - it's actually faster and quieter, and it's actually really fun to drive and it saves a heck of a lot of money."