Family overwhelmed by support after HNZ home gutted by fire

A family of 10 has been overwhelmed with community support after a fire destroyed their home and everything in it.

The Lemeki family escaped with their lives, but they're now staying in a house that has 22 people in it.

Three of Mafi Lemeki's eight children were inside at the time of the blaze. She quickly grabbed them and raced out.

"My husband came back from work [and] he just ran into the house because he thought we all in the house," she told Newshub.

While she's thankful everyone got out safely, the fire destroyed all their possessions.

The Beach Haven home was a Housing New Zealand house and the family had no contents insurance.

Having nowhere else to go, they're staying with Ms Lemeki's brother, where there are 22 people now housed in three bedrooms, with just one bathroom between them all.

Her husband and two other children are sleeping in a van outside.

But there is one happy side to this story and that's the incredible generosity shown by the community to get the Lemeki family back on their feet.

Two rooms of items have been dropped off at a local community house, with people donating everything from beds, children's bikes and a microwave.

Daniel Shotter is part of the Birkdale Beach Haven Community Project group which is helping the Lemeki family.

"There have been a lot of people who have gone out and bought brand new products," he told Newshub.

"Another child has been doing his own fundraising to be able to go out and buy some NRL gear for one of the older children."

Ms Lemeki said she can't thank her community enough.

"Everyone that donated everything for us, thank you, for their love and their support for our family," she said.

And there was more good news late on Wednesday afternoon - HNZ has confirmed it will be able to provide the Lemeki family with another home next week.

"In the meantime the family will be accommodated in two motel units located nearby the family's work and school on the North Shore," regional manager Neil Adams told Newshub.