Fire crews abseil down cliff face to rescue Auckland dog

(Twitter / firecommNZ)
(Twitter / firecommNZ)

An Auckland pup can count her blessings after fire crews abseiled 5m down a cliff face to save her on Saturday morning.

Bella, described as a "brown hairy Labrador", took a tumble and landed on a ledge partway down the 50m "sheer drop" at Glover Park in St Heliers.

Two fire engines arrived and sent a man down the cliff using rescue lines.

While at first a little growly, after a few minutes Bella was happy to be pulled back up to safety.

Mt Wellington senior station officer John Roberts says the dog got lucky.

"If it had been another place along the cliff, where it's a bit steeper and the landing was rocks, the outcome might not have been so happy."

Mr Roberts says the owner did the right thing to call for help, instead of trying to reach Bella herself.

"We'd rather rescue a pet than a person. We're always happy to help and have the skills and equipment to do it."