'Frightening solution' needed for P peddlers - Mark Richardson

The AM Show co-host Mark Richardson says there needs to be a "more frightening solution" for those who peddle and profit from P because prison isn't working.

His comments come after anti-methamphetamine campaigner, counsellor and former addict Andrew Hopgood told the show the Class A drug is now easier to get than cannabis.

Mr Hopgood says the demand for those seeking treatment for their addiction far outweighs supply, and imprisonment for meth-related crime doesn't work.

Richardson said he "seethed" throughout the entire interview.

"I'm sorry, I am totally and utterly sick and over of this victim mentality - I am sick of people who have been addicted to this stuff for 10 years and managed to get themselves off saying 'we all need a hug, woe is me, all I needed was a hug 10 years ago and I'd be right'.

"That approach is not going to work either."

However, he did agree prison was not working as a deterrent for those who deal in and make money from the destructive drug.

"These people are carcinogenic, they are a cancer on society. If they go to prison they're not corrected because the Government admits the prison have failed as a corrective device. We need a different solution for them, we need a vastly different deterrent for them to make a difference.

"You don't send them to prison, maybe you come up with a different solution, a more frightening solution which will act as a deterrent."

He didn't elaborate on what that "frightening solution" might be.

On Monday, documents released to Newshub revealed police have admitted their efforts to stop the spread of meth has had "no visible impact" despite having seized record amounts of it last year.