Is this New Zealand's most hopeless robber?

A man has been caught on camera fumbling his way through the attempted armed robbery of a Christchurch dairy, before slipping on his way out the door.

CCTV shows the would-be robber entering the Woolston Discounter dairy around 9pm on Sunday, clumsily grabbing at items on the counter.

The robber, before it all went wrong for him (supplied)
The robber, before it all went wrong for him (supplied)

After trying - and failing - to reach across the counter for the till, the man manages to get a couple of boxes of cigarette filters, gum and lollies before making his escape.

However, he slips on his way out, dropping everything he had.

But that doesn't deter him - he returns to the counter and grabs a few other items before finally making it out of the store.

And after it all goes wrong (supplied)
And after it all goes wrong (supplied)

Laximi Gurappa, who was working in the dairy at the time, ran out an exit from the back of the building as soon as he saw the gun.

It was only when the store's owners watched the CCTV footage back that they realised what had happened.

Watch the video.


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