New Zealand same-sex marriage hotspot

It seems Australian couples have taken a liking to coming to New Zealand - to get hitched.

 About half of the same sex marriages and civil unions here last year involved foreign couples.

Kiri and Josephine Greig-Roberts were among hundreds of Australian same-sex couples who got married in New Zealand last year.

“Australia is ready, the politicians need to do their job and catch up with the rest of the world,” says Joesphine.

Australians made up more than half of the overseas couples who came here - followed by Chinese couples

The tourism sector is getting a healthy slice of the wedding cake.

While Kiri and Josephine say they had an "intimate" ceremony - it still cost around $7,000.

Tourism minister Paula Bennett says wedding parties make “great tourists”.

“They’re here to spend some money and have a bit of excitement usually.”