Pike River families say they were never shown video - despite police and PM's claims

A spokeswoman for the Pike River families says they were never shown the latest video - as police and the Prime Minister claim - saying if they had "we would never forget it".

Carol Rose, whose son Stuart Mudge was killed in the explosion, said she had canvassed 23 people at the two meetings where police say it was shown and not one of them remembers seeing the footage.

Carol Rose said she was "shocked" to see the leaked video show that men had entered the mine tunnel a short distance in March 2011 - just over three months after the explosion.

"Other than when the mines rescue workers were installing the seal at the 170m mark [November 2012] we were not told of any person physically entering the mine. I was shocked to see that men had entered the drift just three months post-explosion."

Ms Rose took the minutes at Pike River meetings and won the New Zealand Order of Merit for her organisational role.

She said the footage shown on Newshub was "so striking and reveals so much information regarding the integrity of the drift that we would never forget it.  It is a remarkable piece of footage and certainly something that 23 people would not forget."

Carol Rose said: "The quality of all footage we've seen to date has been black and white, very grainy in texture and quite indistinct. Nothing we ever saw was as clear as the footage which showed on TV3 last night, nor was it ever in colour."