Queenstown resident fumes over Aussie man's treehouse invasion

A Queenstown resident has been left fuming after an Australian man built a tree house on his property and lived in it for around two months.

Peter Clark described the squatter as an "Aussie bludger" and after he refused to leave, Mr Clark cut down the tree himself.

But the Australian man is now vowing to rebuild it.

Mr Clark was informed of the unwelcome visitor by the local council in April.

"We got emailed a letter from the council along with some photos just letting us know someone had inhabited our property".

"This guy just came here to invade our property, treat it as his own - total contempt for the law".

The man had made himself at home. Beer, blankets and an air rifle were just some of the items peter found in the tree hut.

"He had it decorated inside - there's a stash of condoms inside."

"Certainly he was well prepared - well protected with his gun and his condoms."

After speaking to police about the issue in April, Mr Clark said the squatter refused to leave.

So over the weekend he took the matter into his own hands - quite literally, and cut the tree down.

"We gave the guy about two and a half weeks to remove the structure from the property and vacate the land - he failed to do so we went in there and took care of it."

On Thursday Mr Clark gave Newshub a tour of the site.

"Bloody hell I can't believe what he's done down here. Look at the size of the thing - it's a bloody house in a tree," he said.

"This is all part of his bedding, his rats nest I guess we call it he was a rat himself."

"We just don't need pests in this country like that. They're just like I guess the Queensland fruit fly, we don't want them."

Mr Clark has this warning for the man: "We'll deal to him the same way we deal to the tree house."