Rocket Lab ready for lift-off

A Kiwi aerospace company has finally set the date to get into space.

Rocket Lab has announced its plans to launch a vehicle into orbit, something it says is the "culmination of four years of planning, innovation and discovery".

Founder Peter Beck says his motto is to make space accessible. 

The company has nominated a 10-day "launch window" starting from Monday May 22, during which it will attempt to send the 17m-tall 'Electron' into space.

A successful launch into orbit would make it the first time it has ever been achieved from a private launch facility.

"During this first launch attempt it is possible we will scrub multiple attempts as we wait until we are ready and conditions are favourable," says Mr Beck.

This is the first of three test launches planned from Launch Complex 1 on the Mahia Peninsula. 

The fuel used for the entirety of the flight is equal to the amount of fuel required for a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles, despite the Electron travelling double the distance.

As part of the launch attempt, Māhia East Coast Road will be closed to the general public from 9am-8pm on May 22, 2017. Subsequent road closures will be notified following a decision to scrub a launch attempt.