Tattooed man attempts to abduct Christchurch children

Abduction, Christchurch, Police
Queenspark School is in the Christchurch suburb of Parklands (Google)

A man has attempted to abduction children on their way to Queenspark School on Friday morning.

The school issued a warning on their Facebook page telling parents and the community of the incident between Broadhaven Avenue and Pinaster Place in the Christchurch suburb of Parklands.

School principal Ross Willocks urged parents to be vigilant.

"Please talk to your children about keeping safe on the way to and from school each day," he said in the statement.

Some replied to the post in anger, one person calling the man a "disgusting piece of work."

They released a description of the suspect and described him as a Maori male around 30-40 years old with tattoos on his face - possibly in the shape of green flames with blue borders.

The school says the man was wearing a dark baseball cap with white writing and a black top.

According to the school he was driving a white van with a black strip along both sides with the letter "K" in the middle.

Police have been notified of the incident and urge anyone with information to call 111.