The AM Show hosts open up about fertility struggles

  • 09/05/2017

A quarter of New Zealanders struggle with fertility, and occasions like Mother's Day that are focused around children can be particularly tough.

Fertility NZ counsellor Fiona McDonald spoke to the AM show on Tuesday morning about how people can cope with their struggles, and Mark Richardson and Amanda Gillies opened up about their own personal experiences.

"I object to the term failure, it isn't failure, this isn't skill-based, it's just some people can, some people can't," Richardson said.

Amanda Gillies advised young women to have children earlier, and said she regrets not doing so herself.

"I say to girls, particularly young girls, have your children early if you can. I waited, I shouldn't have, and so I say to them: Career you can always come back to it - children you can't," Gillies said.

"So do it early, it's so much easier. I'm now 40, it's probably not a happening thing and it's a heartbreaking thing because as a woman you do feel like a failure."

Watch the video to see the discussion and the responses from the audience.