Watchmaker Mark Wild still working in timeless industry

Mark Wild works as a watchmaker. It's an industry obsessed with precisely measuring each passing moment - but Mr Wild's job remains untouched by the hands of time.

The tools have remained the same over the decades, although the watches may be a little updated.

"It's a micro-engineering trade, watches are like jigsaw puzzles," he says.

Mr Wild finds satisfaction in figuring out these jigsaw puzzles.

It's delicate work. It requires a lot of concentration and patience - things that are rare these days.

As society becomes more technologised, things speed up and we are expected to as well.

With planned obsolescence it has become acceptable to throw things out. Think about how many new phones you have had in the past three years.

This mentality did not exist 20, 30 or 40 years ago. If something was broken you didn't simply throw it out. You repaired it.

We don't have the chance to form emotional bonds with objects anymore.

People like Mr Wild are a rare sight - they continue to exist in a fast-paced digitally-evolving world.

But how much longer will people like him exist? How much longer will we hold onto our analog ideals?