Weather: More than 100 flights disrupted due to Auckland fog

It's been a frustrating Thursday morning at Auckland Airport, with fog restrictions disrupting more than 100 flights.

The restrictions have been lifted twice but quickly put back in place both times, as a haze continues to blanket the city.

Currently 38 domestic flights are delayed, not including the many more that faced delays this morning. Another 45 flights have been cancelled, affecting hundreds of passengers.

One incoming international flight had to be diverted to Wellington.

US traveller Danielle Hunt flew to New Zealand from Wisconsin. She told Newshub "it's been a long two days" from the long-haul flight to waiting for a domestic flight to Tauranga.

Jane and Shaun Parker had flown in from Perth and were trying to get to Napier.

"It looks like Wellington is one of the only places you can fly to, so we may look at flying there and then driving to Napier," Shaun said. "We could sit here all day, and that's something I'm not prepared to do."

The departures board at Auckland Airport domestic terminal, showing delays due to fog (Newshub.)

The New Zealand Transport Agency warned Auckland drivers to take extra care on the roads.