Daughter 'dismayed' over unpaid loan publicity

The woman who owes her retired parents $367,000 in unpaid loans says she's "dismayed" at the public backlash she's received over the case.

Colleen Warin, a chartered accountant, suggests she may yet appeal the court's ruling for her to pay back parents Trevor and Marian Warin.

Marian claims their daughter had forced them to live off their pensions since the 1980s, despite the couple earning a $3m fortune developing orchards.

The loans were not written down, but the retirees say there was an "oral agreement".

In an emailed letter from her lawyer, Colleen told Fairfax she isn't happy with the outcome.

"Colleen is dismayed with the media publicity about this matter for what is a family dispute, for loans that the judgment records she has never denied would need to be repaid," the letter said.

"The only dispute is over when they were repayable. Colleen is disappointed with the judge's decision, and the time for Colleen to appeal the judgment has yet to expire at this time."

The email added: "Colleen would like it known that the loans arise primarily out of the circumstances following the breakup of her marriage, and that she is supporting a child."

Colleen owns a home in Waiheke Island and a lakefront Taupo resort unit.