Young thugs terrorise Huntly Honda shop

Peter Glidden Honda motorcycle dealership Huntly (Google Maps)
The largest break-in was by seven young teens, including a 12-year-old (Google Maps / file)

The owner of a Honda motorcycle dealership in Huntly is fed up after 14 burglaries in the last seven months.

Three youths managed to get away with motocross gear in the latest theft on Tuesday night before police managed to catch two of the young offenders.

Owner Peter Glidden told Newshub it's getting beyond a joke and some of his staff are even thinking about leaving.

"We're talking about children here, we're not talking about young adults, we're talking about children out burgling shops. They're just out of control. Something needs to be done about it."

The kids, in their early teens, are usually caught after cutting down the alarmed fence or on security camera.

The largest break-in, he said, was by seven young teens, including a 12-year-old.

"What are the parents doing, why aren't they checking their kids at night? The parents have got some moral obligation to make sure that kids are tucked up in bed at night."

Mr Glidden said the break-ins have cost more than $40,000 in losses as well as additional security costs.

The shop is insured, but every time the fence is repaired, the excess is increased.

"Hopefully the Government realises that the police units are understaffed and they need additional officers to support what's happening in these small towns," he said.

Mr Gidden believes it won't be long until somebody will get seriously hurt and thinks it will be a shopkeeper or business owner.

"I'm not scared of these idiots at all, I'll never allow myself to be intimidated by them," he said.

"We're not the sort of family to give in, but I can absolutely assure you the option of relocating is out there."

He said the young kids get away with it because they're underage and it'll only lead to them committing more serious crimes.

"It's about time these youths actually got more than a smack on the hand and a few hours community service."