Christie Marceau inquest: Lawyer denies not telling family of bail conditions

The lawyer for Akshay Chand, who killed teenager Christie Marceau, has disputed evidence given by his mother at a Coroner's inquest.

Chand's mother said she wasn't aware she had to supervise her son at all times, but lawyer Mary-Anne Lowe says she made it perfectly clear to her.

Ms Lowe fought for Chand's bail in 2011 after he kidnapped and threatened to rape Christie Marceau.

Thirty-three days after the bail was granted, Chand stabbed the Auckland teenager to death in her own home - just 1km from his home.

"I don't propose bail conditions unless I'm assured they can be met," Ms Lowe told the inquest on Thursday.

Those bail conditions were that either Chand's mother Suchita or his aunt Amita Williams would always be home to supervise him - something they deny knowing about.

But on Thursday Ms Lowe told the inquest into Christie's death that she made the conditions perfectly clear.

"I asked them and understood that one of them would always be at the home," she said.

But that didn't happen.

On the morning of November 7, while just his younger sister was home, Chand snuck out and killed Christie.

It happened while his mother was at work and his aunt dropping her child at school - a 2.5 hour gap in supervision which happened every weekday.

On Wednesday, Chand's mother told the inquest she agreed to keep an eye on her son, but didn't know that meant she needed to supervise him 24-7.

But Ms Lowe refuted that claim, saying she discussed the matter with Ms Chand and her sister on multiple occasions, including in court.

"I believe that they completely understood their obligations and they understood that that meant one or the other of them had to be at the house," Ms Lowe said.

"If that wasn't possible, then I would not have suggested it as a bail condition."

Despite being discussed in court, the supervision condition was never put in writing.

Ms Lowe's evidence is the last to be heard at the inquest before the Coroner eventually reveals her findings.