Christie Marceau's killer a self-described 'callous fiend'

Christie Marceau's mother has struggled to speak at a coroner's inquest into her daughter's death, choking back tears.

Akshay Chand, who killed the teenager in November 2011, was found not guilty of murder on the grounds of insanity.

At the time of the fatal stabbing Chand was on bail charged with kidnapping and threatening to rape Christie just months earlier. He later pleaded guilty to those charges and received a three-year sentence.

After initially saying she didn't use the name of Christie's killer, Tracey Marceau sobbed as she read his surname as part of her evidence.

She said she knew "Chand's house was close to our house as we could see it from our deck".

"It was across the valley and clearly in sight."

She said Christie was not asked to complete a victim impact statement for the bail hearing and wasn't told there was such a thing.

Ms Marceau said she was "horrified" when she was told Chand had been granted bail .

She said she believed "Christie was in danger and the bail conditions were ludicrous with no thought for Christie's safety".

She said a police officer told her it wasn't possible to appeal the decision.

Ms Marceau said she was initially told if Chand was bailed he would be electronically monitored, but later found out this was not the case.

'Things did not seem to be under control'

Later Brian Marceau, Christie's father, his voice cracking, told the inquest into his daughter death that he regrets not being more critical and questioning of how Chand's bail was being handled .

Mr Marceau said he was flying between Australia and New Zealand for work during the year his daughter was killed.

He says he returned home after Chand was granted bail and was concerned "things did not seem to be under control".

He said the police assured him "that police patrols were making frequent visits to Chand's bail addresses to ensure the restrictions were being compiled with".

He said at the time he believed that.

"I regret not being more critical and questioning how they could be sure that the police were providing a secure cordon."


The coroner's court also heard how the man who killed North Shore teenager told police he was a "callous fiend".

Chand was supposed to be on a 24-hour curfew at a family home, just five minutes' walk from where Christie lived with her parents.

The officer in charge of the investigation into Christie's death, Det Sgt James Watson described details of events on the morning she was killed.

He said Chand left his house armed with a vege knife and a hammer, after his mother had gone to work.

One of the conditions of Chand's bail was that he should always be under the supervision of his mother or aunt.

Chand walked the five minutes to the Marceaus' house, knocked on the door just after seven in the morning and barged past Christie's mother to reach his victim.

He kicked her in the chest, sending her tumbling down the stairs. She ran to the backyard but was unable to open a gate to escape.

Sgt Watson said Chand then stabbed her six times in the head, once in the neck and hand and three times in her left shoulder. One of these was the fatal blow.

Christie's mother Tracey called the police and rushed outside to find her daughter bleeding but breathing.

Sgt Watson said she held onto her daughter and told her it would be alright and that she loved her.

The 18-year-old died before paramedics arrived.

Chand stood calmly by, waiting for the police. When asked by police, Chand said he was there for "reprisal".

The inquest does not have the jurisdiction to review the decision of the judge who bailed Chand.

Christie's parents left the courtroom to avoiding hearing the graphic evidence .