Clevedon locals condemn Fulton Hogan plan

A stoush is brewing on the outskirts of Auckland where Fulton Hogan is preparing to put over 1000 quarry trucks a day onto Clevedon's rural roads.

Residents say the big increase in heavy, aggregate-laden trucks will endanger other road users and shatter the area's natural beauty, and they'll let the Council know loud and clear when it calls for submissions next week.

"I live on a main road with kids, cyclists and goodness knows what, and these juggernauts can do 100km down my road it's just disaster and we have to fight them," Clevedon resident Peter Walker says.

Fulton Hogan bought the McNicol Rd quarry last year.

It's asking Auckland Council for consent to ramp up production from 100 truck movements in and out each day, to 1260.

"There's a quarry alongside the main trunk railway line there's no reason why they can't load up trains and train the rock that Auckland needs into the city and keep 1260 Fulton Hogan trucks off Auckland roads," resident Tony Curran says.

Auckland's regional roading projects mean the city is crying out for aggregate.

At its Clevedon quarry Fulton Hogan wants to increase what it extracts from 200,000 tonnes a year, to three million tonnes, almost a fifth of what the city will need in the next decade.  

The quarry sits alongside the Te Araroa National walkway, popular with local and international trampers. 

The consent, if granted, will mean in some cases a 24/7 operation, at the foothills of the Hunua ranges an area designated as one of natural beauty.  


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