Dog unscathed after falling down bluff

  • 04/06/2017
Reggie the dog
Reggie was happy to see his owner again Photo credit: Police/supplied

A dog who fell 30 metres down a bluff in the Okoki Valley at Urenui has been reunited with his owner after specialist cliff rescuers were called to save him.

Reggie was pig hunting with his owner Brandon on Friday when he fell over the bluff and became trapped below.

After several attempts by his owner and friends, the Taranaki Alpine Cliff Rescue Team including four cliff rescue specialists stepped in.

Reggie with owner Brandon Hitchcock
Reggie with owner Brandon Hitchcock Photo credit: Police/supplied

A team abseiled down before winching him back up to his waiting owner.

"We're really pleased we were able to reunite Reggie with his best friend and Reggie looked happier than anyone," Constable Pete Lawn said.

Reggie took a trip to the vet after the accident but didn't appear to be injured.