Drones fly off the shelves at NZ's first drone store

  • 10/06/2017

Hundreds of Aucklanders queued up on Saturday morning to take a look at New Zealand's first drone store.

Seller Jonathan Kubiak says buyers also get a brochure outlining drone regulations.

"Auckland Council's pretty good with letting us fly the things, which is great.

"[The rules] are pretty easy once you get your head around them. We can't get them through the checkouts fast enough."

Mr Kubiak says people began queuing at 10pm on Friday, keen to get a discount given to the first 100 customers. One of those was Sam Bassett, first through the door on Friday morning.

"I finished work last night, and instead of going to sleep I thought I'd come and wait out here and be the first one in.

"I had layers on, but it did get pretty cold at around three o'clock."

Opened by drone and aerial imaging company DJI, as well as sales, the store also a display to letting customers fly before they buy.

"I've met some wonderful people, we're all drone enthusiasts so we've had a great time," one customer told Newshub.